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Hire - Hiring Mobility Equipment


Equipment Hire, On The Move Mobility hire Wheelchairs,  Mobility Scooters,   Riser Recliner chairs and Bathroom equipment. 

Hiring equipment is often an easier option for, medium and short term hire. If you are looking for short term hire for a visitor or post operation or injury recovery this can be a great option.

Medium and Long term Hire is well worth considering if you want to remove maintenance costs and costs and looking for easy use options. We have a range of Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Riser Recliners, and can also arrange appointments to review Stairlift hire. Price is everything when you are hiring...


Equipment Sales and Stockist for

Walking aids


Wheelchair Hire

Mobility Scooter Hire

Stairlift Sales & Hire

Bath lift Hire

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